Worldwide: Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-Day Class, Specialf Topic Class, Self-Help Class in German and English.
Petra Elmendorff• Petra Elmendorff
  • Authorised Jin Shin Jyutsu Instructor
  • Alternative practitioner in own practice
  • MS Sociology, University Bremen
  • 30 years Vipassana Meditation Practice

Since 1986 professional Astrologist in USA and Germany.

1986 – Hypnotherapie Training according to Jeru Kabhal in Santa Cruz, California.

Since 1995 Alternative Practitioner in own practice in Freiburg.

2000 – Family Constellation Training according to Bert Hellinger with Victoria Schnabel, Freiburg.

Since 2002 Jin Shin Jyutsu Instructor authorised by the Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute of Mary Burmeister. Facilitator of JSJ seminars worldwide.

2002-2011 – JSJ Study with Haruki Kato, Tokyo.

2014 – Foundation of the Astro Matrix . Facilitator of seminars.

»My whole path is dedicated to Consciousnesses and the influence of our thought patterns on the body and decision making.«
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